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Keynote: Creating Change Online: From Digital Inclusion to Digital Revolution

Konferenz:  reCampaign 2015
Sprecher/in: Amy Sample Ward

veröffentlicht am 30. März 2015

Technology – back-end advances and social media alike – has changed the way we are able to make change. And it continues to shift every day. As campaigners, nonprofit organizations, advocates, and changemakers, how do we best adopt and adapt to be as effective and efficient as possible? NTEN’s research shows that organizations at the leading edge of the spectrum do a few key things differently, including putting technology in their strategic plans. How do we budget and plan for the tools we need? And most importantly, how do we ensure we don’t carry the work alone – what are the best practices for creating community-driven campaigns and bringing all of our community members online together in creating our future?

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