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Keynote: Content for Change

Konferenz:  reCampaign 2012
Sprecher/in: Elizabeth McGuane

veröffentlicht am 20. Juli 2012

How do you make change happen, both in your organisation and beyond it, when you have only small change to spend? No matter how limited your resources, setting out a strategy for your content gives you the best chance of meeting your audience with a clear message and an experience they’ll remember – and leaves you with a sustainable plan for keeping their attention.
In fact, the more limited your resources, the more important a focused approach to your content activities can be. But precisely because of its broad reach, content can seem diffuse and hard to quantify.
Using a variety of examples from content strategies for brands large and small with varying needs and objectives, we’ll discuss the elements of the content lifecycle: from analysis to diagnosis, and from production to delivery, measurement and governance. We’ll talk about how to get started and how to get your existing content processes under control.
The goals of your particular strategy will depend on your mission and your audience, and the test of any strategic approach is the ease with which it can adapt to change – but by putting clear steps in place, you can make sure your organisation and its content are prepared for any event.

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