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Best Practice Political eCampaigning

Konferenz:  reCampaign 2012
Sprecher/in: Paula Hannemann, Graham Covington

veröffentlicht am 20. Juli 2012

Two Stories from Engaging Networks:

Story 1: – a cross-issue campaigning success in Canada: was founded in 2011 as a Canadian progressive cross-issue campaigning organisation. They are modeled after groups like Avaaz, Get Up, and 38 Degrees. In just one year their community of activists has grown from 2,000 to over 100,000. They have had an impact on several important federal policies. What have been their successes, and what have they tried that didn’t turn out as they had expected?

Story 2: Greenpeace UK has a new approach to convincing campaigners to donate:

Greenpeace UK is one of the world’s best known activist organisations, but they need to reply on supporters for funding like everybody else. In a recent experiment, Greenpeace UK tried a new approach to convincing supporters to make a donation immediately after taking an advocacy action. How does this story end?

Story 3: WWF – saving the rainforest, using Engaging Networks:

Der WWF zeigt am Beispiel der weltweiten Kampagne gegen das brasilianische Waldgesetz (“Forest Code”) wie Menschen in über 100 Ländern aktiviert und mobilisiert wurden: Vom einfachen fb-like über eine weltweite Hash-Tag-Kampagne und die Direct-Mail-Action an die Präsidentin Dilma Rousseff bis hin zu Protestaktionen vor Brasilianischen Botschaften. Kampagne gewonnen? Der Countdown läuft aktuell!

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