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Ethical Design – why it matters.

Konferenz:  reCampaign 2016
Sprecher/in: Tristan Harris

We check our phones more than 150 times per day. Knowledge workers spend a third of their day in email. Teenagers (aged 14-17) send 4,000 texts/month, or every six minutes awake. The more we live by our screens and spend time there, the more we live by design choices made by a small number of designers – a handful of young, mostly men, living in the Bay Area of California, working at a handful of tech companies.

“Time Well Spent” is a movement to spark a new conversation about the kind of future we want from the technology industry. Instead of a “time spent” economy where apps and websites compete for how much they get us to spend time, Time Well Spent aims to create an ecosystem competing to help us live by our values and spend time well.

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veröffentlicht am 9. November 2016

20-somethings Undertaking Journalism – Redefining A New Form of Citizenship Through New Media

Konferenz:  reCampaign 2016
Sprecher/in: Engin Önder

Founded in 2012, 140journos is a collaborative information-gathering and dissemination project that has responded to the self-censorship of the mainstream media in Turkey by taking matters into its own hands as ordinary citizens. After huge success as a Twitter-based livefeed that helped document the lawsuits in 2012, the Gezi Park protests 2013, the project has transformed itself with a new approach that embraces in-depth stories, interactive mapping, data visualization, and long-form reportage across multiple social media platforms. This session will show-and-tell of the cutting edge of modern day activism in Turkey. Co-founder Önder will describe how the innovative media project is filling a news gap left by politically compromised mainstream outlets and how the new 140journos is using new media tools to restore the meaning of citizenship in Turkey.

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veröffentlicht am 3. November 2016

Panel: Hate Speech, Counter Speech, Dialog?!

Konferenz:  reCampaign 2016
Sprecher/in: Betül Ulusoy, Felix Werdermann, Johannes Baldauf, Ulf Buermeyer

Die digitale Dialogkultur hat sich stark gewandelt und scheint zunehmend von Hass geprägt zu sein. Menschen, die politisch und gesellschaftlich etwas bewegen wollen, sind auf Kommunikation und Dialog angewiesen. Doch ist Kommunikation angesichts von Hass und Hetze im Netz noch möglich? Begünstigt die Logik sozialer Medien rassistische Meinungen und extremistisches Gedankengut? Wie begegnet man diesem Netzphänomen heute am besten? Welche Strategien haben sich bewährt? Was bedeutet die sich wandelnde Dialogkultur eigentlich für Menschenrechte, Meinungsfreiheit und Demokratie? Müssen wir Kampagnenarbeit und Kommunikation in Netz neu denken?

Es diskutieren Betül Ulusoy (Juristin, Referentin und Bloggerin), Johannes Baldauf (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung) und Dr. Ulf Buermeyer (Richter am Landgericht Berlin). Moderation: Felix Werdermann (der Freitag).

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veröffentlicht am 1. November 2016